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shincci steady progress in installation and commissioning of korean projects
upload time:2020-04-03

     recently, the prevention and control work of covid-19 is complex and severe, and the epidemic has affected the hearts of the people across the country. facing the sudden epidemic situation, guangzhou shincci energy equipment co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "shincci energy"), mr. shi guanghui from the ministry of foreign trade, mr. lai zhipeng from the ministry of technology and mr. wu zetu from the engineering department remained committed to their work and actively grasped the situation while preventing and controlling, we will make every effort to promote the installation and commissioning of overseas project equipment.





    "quality is life, service is the purpose" on february 18, 2020, mr. shi guanghui from the international trade department of shincci energy, mr. lai zhipeng from the technology department, and mr. wu zetu from the engineering department went to incheon, south korea to assist the incheon qiandan industrial park geomdan project equipment. installation and commissioning. during the epidemic, everyone adhered to their posts. on the one hand, they actively cooperated with the owner and the local government to do a good job in project epidemic prevention and control to ensure safety and stability. on the other hand, they coordinated and organized the project site and actively carried out installation and commissioning. it has won unanimous praise from the owner and the on-site construction unit, and successfully completed this installation and commissioning work.




     efficient, responsible, conscientious, and dedicated. the four groups of words simply outline the four pictures. no matter they are in the epidemic control period or in their daily work, they will not forget their mission and responsibilities. the company's overseas customers try to provide strong guarantee services. even though the road ahead is cold and windy, there will be clouds at sunrise. whether it is the current epidemic situation or in their daily work, their border control, work, and interpretation of shincci people's responsibilities and responsibilities. with a high sense of responsibility and mission, adhere to the post, bravely take responsibility, and contribute to the project construction.



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