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shincci's 2020 "forge a new era and build a new shincci" annual party successfully ended!
upload time:2020-01-03

     shincci celebrates its 17th anniversary in 2020. shincci strongly believes in [forge a new era, build a new shincci ]




    shincci, ceremony of 2020 annual party


   on december 28, guangzhou shincci energy equipment co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "shincci") successfully held its 2020 annual party in wulong villa, baiyun district, guangzhou. all the staff and family members of shincci headquarters gathered together, more than 300 people,took part in outdoor development, cultural performances, grand dinner, and spent a whole day of happiness.




     the theme of this year's annual conference is "forge a new era and build a new shincci". along the journey, we have reached a consensus that only when all employees work harder for a better life can we move towards a better future hand in hand.


     outdoor training started at 9 am, the company specially arranged to visit wulong villa located in baiyun. everyone is organized into teams, and they follow the rhythm of team building coaches to release themselves quickly. faced with one subject after another, the partners will give full power to the team's spirit of cooperation! for example, seemingly simple mini-games: garbage sorting playing cards, water ball trebuchet battles, bajie carry wife on shoulder, and water deliver ... but the implementation of the subject requires a reasonable division of labor, tacit cooperation, and collaboration in order to successfully complete the challenge task.







     for the honor of the team, everyone paid their full attention to the game. responsibility, seriousness, and unity is on everyone's face! next, let ’s enjoy the brand logo reality show performed by shincci staffs.




   felt the power of teamwork in the morning, and the preparation and arrangement of the afternoon party was ready.

   after the group photo was completed, everyone goes to convention center, moved to the banquet hall to relax and wait for the official launch of the annual party.

   the entire venue was packed and full of joy. at 16:30, the host announced the start of the annual ceremony, and the company's general manager, mr. shi zengkuang, took the stage and delivered a speech at the annual party.




     mr. shi summarized the work performance of the whole year of 2019: the company's total sales for the year of 2019 was 600 million rmb. the turnover rate of shincci’s domestic low-temperature sludge drying more than 100 tons project is over 90%.

   in 2019, the company established a dehumidification heat pump division, and strives to achieve sales of over 100 million yuan in this business segment within two years.

   in 2019, the newly developed low temperature sludge drying machine will be launched on the market soon.

   the r&d of multiple low-temperature evaporation technologies such as heat pump multi-effect concentrator, vacuum heat pump thin-layer drying, and composite pyrolysis machine will also fill the industry blank. the new manufacturing base in jiujiang, jiangxi province has been successfully capped and will be put into production in the first half of 2020!








     at the advanced commendation ceremony, the company praised various advanced persons and teams in 2019.

   the host read the impassioned awards, and the managers awarded honorary certificates to all kinds of honorees, with a warm applause.

   this is an affirmation and encouragement of shincci company for outstanding employees in 2019, and we hope that every employee will work hard and make great achievements in the new year!






   evening show performances are even more exciting!

   the great shincci is full of talents.

   staff one by one came to the stage to perform with affectionate singing, graceful dance, witty sketches ... while bringing joy to the audience, it further enhanced the enthusiasm of the party.




















   for this annual party, the company prepared more than 300,000rmb worth gifts for employees and their families. more importantly, the winning rate is 100%.

   prizes include dozens of categories such as huawei mate 30 5g mobile phones, canon eos 800d slr cameras, lenovo laptops, 65-inch xiaomi tvs, huawei m6 tablets, dyson hair dryers, honor 20 pro phones.














     everyone is looking forward to it, looking forward to the favor of the god of fortune, as the lotteries are successively announced, the atmosphere of the annual party going to climax!


     with a little bit of ‘starlight’ by the cellphone , everyone sang "grateful heart" to express their gratitude to the company, workmates and family. so far, the 2020 party of shincci company has come to a successful conclusion. hope that in the new year, all shincci people will unite as one, motivate, and meet the challenge with a fuller mental state and a more intense fighting spirit, and soar higher!




     at last, wish all colleagues, customers and friends a happy and good luck new year!






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