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the government delegation of chiping district, liaocheng city, shandong province visiting shincci for search and guidance
upload time:2020-04-24


   on the morning of april 24, shandong provincezhu zhenglin, mayor of chiping district, liaocheng city, and fan zhaoqiang, deputy mayor of the district government, and their leaders visited the office building of guangzhou shincci energy equipment co., ltd. for research and guidance. the heads of the relevant departments of the district, the main leaders of the town party committee, the land reserve development group, the private chamber of commerce and other relevant persons accompanied the investigation. mr. wang jianguo, director of marketing center of guangzhou shincci energy equipment co., ltd., and mr. tan jixiang, head of marketing department, etc., warmly welcomed the leaders in chiping district.




   at the symposium, mr. wang jianguo introduced the development of shincci energy to the leaders in detail. after 17 years of struggling, shincci has completed the industrialization layout inthe field of low-temperature evaporation industry, and its products are exported to more than 20 countries, with more than 1,000 cases worldwide. in the field of ecological environment management, heat pump dehumidification and drying systems based on low-temperature evaporation technology have been successfully applied to municipal and industrial sludge drying and reduction, providing the industry's first energy-saving low-temperature drying solution for cracking "sludge siege" program. so far, shincci has provided more than 600 sets of low-temperature sludge drying equipment and systems to users worldwide, with daily treatment of morethan 10,000 tons of wet sludge.




   in addition to the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry, shincci also spent 300 million yuan to build hundreds of acres of low-temperature evaporation research and production bases and agricultural precision processing institutes in jiujiang city, jiangxi province, forming the most complete and most advantageous industrial development cluster in the country. in order to accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the company invests tens of millions of special funds every year to deploy the technology in new fields. in the field of deep processing of agriculture, president wang introduced the 500 acres of king chrysanthemum planting fine deep processing modern demonstration agricultural demonstration project of shincci in yankong street, jinsha county, bijie city, guizhou.


   when it talks about to the project cooperation in liaocheng and even the whole shandong province, mr. wang jianguo specifically mentioned shincci ’s key local projects in luxi chemical coal sludge disposal, qilu pharmaceutical sludge project and guanxian rose industrial park. president wang pointed out that the reason why the company is able to achieve good results, in additionto its own efforts to practice "inner strength", is inseparable from the care and support of thelocal government and partners.




   zhu zhenglin, head of the liaocheng chiping district, and other government leaders expressed high appreciation for this. mayor zhu said that with the continuous deepening of reform and opening up, china's private science and technology enterprises have continued to grow in the wake ofthe policy spring breeze, supporting the "half of the sky" of technological innovation, which has made important contributions to promoting the transformation and upgrading of the industry andthe development of high-quality economic contribution. speaking of government-enterprise cooperation, the district chief zhu said that the district government has made great efforts in optimizing the business environment, building a good incubation platform and providing a full range of services for the enterprises that settle in


   we warmly welcome shincci to liaocheng to carry out special agricultural investment and environmental governance cooperation, and work together to create a "liaocheng" industry ecologynew win-win city business card,they hope shincci can deeply implement the scientific and technological innovation concept, and continue to promote a good exemplary role in the follow-up product development and r & d achievement transformation.”district governor zhu said.




   after the meeting, both parties took a group photo in the service center building of guangzhou private technology park.




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