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  • education:junior college
    working place:guangzhou
    end time:2017-10-13

    【job description】

    1, responsible for the overall management of project, including the project planning, organization, schedule control, cost control, safety management and other specific work; 2. responsible for coordination with party a, management company, general contractor, supervisor and related units, establish, coordinate and improve customer relationship, and maintain customer satisfaction with the project; 3, responsible for the project from start to acceptance of the whole process of project management work; for the construction process and quality, responsible for organizing the completion of the project acceptance;

    【job requirements】

    1 years old, 28-45 years old, with more than 5 years of engineering site management experience, mechanical and electrical integration and other related professional priorities; 2. can adapt to project management timing, travel characteristics, with strong leadership, judgment and decision-making ability, planning and implementation capabilities; 3, with professionalism, team cooperation quality, strong oral, written communication skills and public relations coordination ability.

    【compensation and benefits】

    negotiable corporate welfare: * the company is five days, eight hours working, weekend weekend * accommodation (free accommodation, early and late meals) * buy five social insurance and one housing fund for employees and accident insurance * annual physical examination, travel and regular staff activities * 2 annual assessment of pay adjustment opportunities (january, july) interested friends can directly call the company to understand or send resume to the following mailbox:
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