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toyota and honda choose shincci sludge dryer
upload time:2019-08-09

toyota and honda are famous car maker in worldwide. and they also pay a lot attention on the environmental protection, as their development of oil-electric hybrid technology or new energy vehicles, they also put great importance to the harmless emission of pollutants in production and the drying car making sludge, the two japanese car branch factory in china had chosen to use low-temperature drying technology from shincci to reduce the amount of sludge.    

case1:honda (guangqi )  

 guangqi honda automobile co., ltd. currently divides automobile manufacturing into four parts: stamping, body making, painting and assembly process. the coating process is the process that produces the most wastewater discharge.painted sludge is the ’solid’ of automotive coating wastewater treatment. when the painted wastewater is treated, the pollutants are transferred to the sludge.the coating sludge contains pollutants such as resin, surfactant, heavy metal ions, oil, phosphate, paint, pigment, organic solvent, etc. the value of cod is high, and if not properly treated, it will cause serious pollution to the environment.for this project, shincci offered low temperature dryer sbdd2400fl * 2, and the processing capacity is 6 tons / day.first, the belt filter press located in the upper of dryer transports the wet sludge with a moisture content of 80%, and is connected to the low-temperature drying system.after slitting, the sludge are statically spread on belt and dehumidified and dried (the moisture content is dried from 80% to about 30%).the entire sludge drying system includes: sludge drying and conveying system, electrical control system, sludge storage system and some auxiliary equipment.          

 case 2: tianjin faw toyota engine  

 sludge include: oil/water, hydrocarbon/water mixtures or emulsions generated during engine maintenance, replacement and disassembly, using machining fluids and cutting fluids, and other processes.the equipment is sbdd1200fl, and the processing capacity is 2 tons/day.the sludge is pushed to the dumping machine, and after electric lifting to a certain height, it is turned into a wet hopper, and then sent to the low-temperature dryer by the feeding screw conveyor to dehumidify and dry (water content from 70% dry to about 30%), the dried sludge is transported to the waste incineration power plant and co-fired with domestic waste.

 as a leading company in the automotive industry, toyota and honda, two of japan's top automakers, have chosen shincci sludge dryer, which shows shincci's good brand effect and product’s advantage.

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