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shincci winning bid of a big project
upload time:2019-02-28

at the beginning of the new year, the  good news came to guangzhou shincci energy equipment co., ltd. outstanding from the strong competitors won the bid of ppp project for centralized treatment of 1000 tons/day sludge in xi'an city. the winning bid amount is 61.3 million yuan (9.15 million usd). this is our company's largest amount winning bid municipal project so far.

the ppp project for centralized treatment of sludge from xi'an wastewater treatment plant has a total area of 167 mu(111,389 m²). the treatment and disposal scale is 1,000 tons per day. the project feasibility study estimates that the total investment is 720 million yuan(107 million usd), and the investment included in the ppp project is 590 million yuan(88 million usd). as the first sludge innocuous treatment facility in the northwest of china, this ppp project not only activates social capital to reduce the pressure on municipal financial funds, but also provides experience and leadership for similar projects between the government and social capital cooperation in the future.

the sludge drying section of the project adopts the low-temperature sludge drying equipment system pioneered by shincci energy. after the municipal sludge dried, the water content can be stably reduced to below 40%, and the sludge capacity reduction rate is about 70%. it greatly alleviates the pressure of sludge disposal. and it is of great significance to promote the development of sludge disposal in xi'an, and to realize the recycling of the end sludge after the treatment.

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