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the dehumidification heat pump drying division of shincci established
upload time:2019-08-15

  shincci energy held the opening ceremony of the dehumidification heat pump drying division.

 on the morning of july 19, 2019, the establishment ceremony of the shincci energy dehumidification heat pump drying division was held in the conference room of shincci. mr. shi zengkuang, general manager of shincci energy, and mr. he jianmeng, the general manager of the dehumidification heat pump division, jointly announced the establishment of the drying division.

in order to fully develop company’s business, combined with the actual needs of business expansion and company growth, the company decided to set up the drying division after the opening ceremony, senior leaders of the shincci energy headquarters attended the ceremony. the great expectations was given by leaders on the establishment of the dehumidification heat pump drying division and the establishment of the operation team. mr. he jianmeng, the general manager of the dehumidification heat pump drying division, made a statement on behalf of the drying division.

 since establishment, shincci energy has been adhering to the strategy of independent innovation and scientific and technological progress, and has developed a number of environmentally-friendly and energy-saving new dehumidification heat pump, and obtained more than 60 national patents; among them, plate-fin heating cycle and double-effect dehumidification heat pump the three-effect dehumidification heat pump technology is an innovative technology at home and abroad, breaking through the bottleneck of the traditional refrigeration dehumidification technology. company has a domestic large-scale dehumidification heat pump drying test room, equipped with more than 20 sets of various types of heat pump dehumidification drying models, which can meet various drying requirements. after 16 years of unremitting efforts, shincci energy has accumulated valuable experience in sludge, indoor swimming pools, agricultural products, aquatic products, chinese herbal medicines, food and other industries.          

on the day of july 19, 2019, shincci witnessed the birth of drying division, which is another major measure to carry forward the "low temperature evaporation technology". for all shincci people, it carries the responsibility and determination to not forget the original heart and build the future of dreams. we will always adhere to the business tenet of “honesty, innovation, quality, and supreme”, and strive to serve every customer with energy conservation, environmental protection, and refined drying and innovative technologies.

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