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shincci technology in fuzhou
upload time:2018-11-07

on october 17, 2018, guangzhou shincci energy equipment co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “shincci energy”) low temperature sludge drying technology team entered the fuzhou urban construction design and research institute, and the two sides carried out issues such as sludge reduction and harmlessness. in-depth research and discussion.


this meeting mainly focused on topic 'energy saving,choose low temperature drying'. mr. tan jixiang from the marketing department of shincci said that shincci took the lead in research and development of leading-edge technology double-effect, triple-effect, quadruple-effect dehumidification heat pump series products. since 2010, the company has taken the lead in launching the self-developed and manufactured  low-temperature sludge drying machine,  low-temperature waste heat sludge drying machine, low-temperature dewatering and drying machine series products, with no heat loss and closeness working, no odor emission. the sludge harmless reduction device with low temperature and safe dust-free advantages has been widely used in many fields such as municipal, industrial and chemical industries where there is an urgent need for sludge drying.                                

at the meeting, the leaders of the urban construction institute fully affirmed the low-temperature sludge drying technology of shincci, shincci energy hopes to cooperate with fuzhou urban construction research institute on the basis of more technical consensus.      

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