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shincci in 2018 china wwtp seminar
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on september 3-5  ,  the  “2018 china sewage treatment plant standardization advanced seminar”  organized by the china water supply and drainage brand committee was held in hefei, anhui province. mr. tan jixiang, marketing department of guangzhou shincci energy equipment co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “shincci energy”), made a technical report on “importance of drying in sludge plants” at the meeting, sharing the experience ofshincci energy in recent years. the latest developments and engineering practices of low temperature drying technology and equipment.



in order to meet the technical needs of upgrading and renovating sewage treatment plants under high emission standards, shincci will strive to build a core technology brand ecosystem for china's sewage treatment plants. this seminar invited the ministry of housing and urban-rural development, china civil engineering society, china urban water supply and drainage association and other relevant units to lead the national drainage industry design, research, operation units, construction unit experts, scholars, operation management personnel, interpretation of the industry policies, sharing typical successful cases of sewage treatment and upgrading, discussing the future development direction of technology, and setting up a platform for introducing new technologies, new processes and new equipment for wastewater treatment and upgrading.


at the meeting, mr. tan jixiang highlighted the practical results of shincci energy equipment in the sludge reduction project. shincci energy sludge low-temperature drying technology adopts convective hot air drying method to dehumidify and reduce the wet material on the mesh belt. the whole system is fully sealed, no heat loss, no odor emission, and the dry mud moisture content can be reduced to 10 %-30%, effective reduction of more than 85%. since the first sludge low-temperature dryer was delivered in 2012, more than 200 sludge low-temperature drying projects have been accumulated in the past six years. the daily wet sludge volume is as high as 6,000 tons, accounting for 70% of the industry's market share.

in recent years, china's sewage treatment capacity has been rapidly improved. as of the end of december 2017, a total of 5,027 sewage treatment plants have been built in cities across the country, with a sewage treatment capacity of 188 million cubic meters per day. under the background of the implementation of the “water pollution prevention action plan” (water 10), the national key areas and key river basins have put forward higher requirements for sewage treatment, and the sewage treatment plant has become a hot spot in the industry. shincci energy will continue to focus on the sludge disposal field at the back end of sewage treatment, and build a whole industry chain service with sludge reduction and resource utilization, and strive to sink the pollution from sewage-sludge to the environment. the destruction is minimized, and technological innovation is making more contributions to building a livable home for humankind.

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