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factors affecting the price of sludge dryer
upload time:2019-10-29

   when we go to buy a sludge drying machine, we will find that there are many types of sludge drying machines on the market, and even if it is the same sludge drying machine, the price of the final purchase will be different. so you know what are the reasons to influence the price of the sludge dryer? today, the shincci sludge dryer will give you an in-depth analysis of the factors affecting the price of the sludge dryer..


   1. quality

the quality of the equipment is the decisive factor of the price, the quality of the equipment is trustworthy, the sludge drying machine can be guaranteed in the work operation, the working performance and the dewatering amount of the equipment will bring better benefits to the users, so the quality of the equipment is essential factor when deciding the price. there are many determinants of quality, and materials, processes, and technologies all have an impact on equipment quality. for example, the current sludge drying machine generally uses 304 stainless steel, which is anti-corrosive and wear-resistant; while the traditional sludge drying machine is generally carbon steel, the cost is low, and the corrosion resistance is poor, so different materials and quality are different. prices will vary.

2. sludge dryer model specifications

the model of the sludge drying machine is determined according to the amount of dewatering by the customer. the customer needs a large amount of dewatering and a high dehydration rate. the larger the model number, the higher the price of the equipment, and then the production process is designed according to the size of the user's construction site, and then the required supporting equipment is determined according to the production process, and the price of the equipment is calculated later.

3. equipment configuration

after the structural design of the sludge drying machine is completed, the better the equipment configuration, the higher the operating efficiency. the equipment configuration of the same model may also be different, such as plc automatic control, motor, reducer and other configurations. even if the same type of sludge drying machine is designed according to customer needs, site factors, etc., the configuration is different and the price will be different.

4.after sales service

after-sales service is also the main factor affecting the price of sludge dryer. high-quality equipment manufacturers will provide customers with a series of comprehensive services from initial selection to production to installation and post-maintenance, including: site planning, equipment installation and commissioning, operation training, fault repair, etc., to ensure that the equipment can operate normally. some manufacturers provide various services such as design, installation, commissioning and maintenance. the cost input will increase and the price of the equipment will increase. of course, perfect after-sales service is also a guarantee for users..  


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