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waste water treatment industry in china
upload time:2018-11-22

in recent years, the chinesegovernment has issued a number of policies to guide the prevention and controlof water pollution. especially since the release of water 10in april 2015, the intensive introduction of relevant industry policies hasprovided a good policy environment for the industrial waste water treatmentindustry. at the same time, after the state has issued new standards forindustrial pollutant emissions, it is difficult for traditional treatment technologiesto adapt to new emission requirements. therefore, "industrial waste watertreatment technology" has become the key to the survival of pollutingenterprises.

china has issued more than 10relevant standards for industrial waste water treatment industry, more than 30national environmental standards for water pollutant discharge, and more than20 local environmental standards for water pollutant discharge for standardindicator industry development. the market scale of industrial waste water treatmentindustry consists of industrial waste water engineering investment andindustrial waste water treatment operation services. in 2016, china'sindustrial waste water treatment industry market size was 84.284 billion yuan,an increase of 4.86% year-on-year; china's industrial waste water treatment isexpected from 2017 to 2020 the industry market capacity will reach 380 billionyuan. from the perspective of sub-sectors, the market scale of industrial wastewater treatment operations of ferrous metal smelting and rolling processingindustry, chemical raw materials and chemical products manufacturing industryreached more than 10 billion yuan, accounting for 17.5% of the total industrialwaste water treatment and operation market.

the market size of china'sindustrial waste water treatment industry is mainly concentrated in east chinaand central south china. the market size is 36.209 billion yuan and 17.514billion yuan respectively, accounting for 42.96% and 20.78% of the nationalmarket respectively, accounting for 73.7% of the total.

because many industrial waste watercomponents are complex and of various nature, there are still some technicalproblems that have not been completely solved. industrial waste water treatmenthas always been a weak link in the water pollution prevention and controlchain. there are market competition irregularities, weak technical strength,and serious local protectionism. industry development depends on issues such aspolicy support. at present, the development of efficient and low-costrefractory waste water technology has always been the focus and direction ofindustrial waste water treatment development. the research and development ofindustrial waste water treatment industry mainly includes: iron-carbonmicro-electrolysis technology, high-gradient magnetic separation technology,super critical water oxidation technology, high-salt water treatmenttechnology, and centralized treatment technology for waste water. majorcompanies have a certain market representation in specific segments. accordingto statistics, there are more than 300 sewage treatment enterprises abovedesignated size in china, which constitute the main supplier of industrialwaste water treatment industry. there are a large number of enterprises inchina's industrial waste water treatment industry, and most of the enterprisesengaged in engineering design and construction, but most of them are small inscale, industry concentration industry, and industry competition is scattered.the average processing cost of china's industrial waste water industry is onthe rise, rising from 1.26 yuan/ton in 2011 to 1.6 yuan/ton in 2016, with anaverage annual compound growth rate of 4.88%. from the perspective ofsub-sectors, the average treatment cost of waste water ranges from 0.55-6.98yuan/ton. among them, the average processing cost of gas production and supply,furniture manufacturing, electrical machinery and equipment, manufacturing,automobile manufacturing, petroleum processing, coking and nuclear fuelprocessing, computer, communications and other electronic equipmentmanufacturing industries is 5 yuan / ton or more.


with the improvementof industrial waste water discharge standards, the demand for industrial waste watertreatment will continue to grow. the industrial waste water treatment industrywill last in a favorable period of rapid development. among them, industrialwaste water treatment is a hot spot for industry development, while ppp mode willbecome an important development model of the industry.  

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