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shincci went to south korea to discuss new project with partner
upload time:2019-12-13

from november 18th to 20th, mr. wang jianguo, the director of the marketing of guangzhou shincci energy equipment co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "shincci energy"), and the manager of the technical department, mr. wang zhangfa, went to south korea for a new project consultation at the invitation of hanmee entec of south korea. the shincci team has received strong welcome from the ministry of environmental protection of south korea.

mr. lim, chairman of hanmee, warmly welcomed director wang and his party to south korea, and introduced the progress of the new project, construction conditions, technical issues to be tackled, and project operation planning goals. mr. lim said that since the establishment of the hs dryer joint venture with guangzhou shincci in the middle of last year, the company has deepened the industrial layout of sludge drying and sludge reduction, using low temperature evaporation technology as the plow, and has taken various measures to deepen the south korean sludge treatment market. through the reduction and harmless treatment, the sludge can be turned into a resource to achieve green, recycling and sustainable manager wang stated that the headquarters of shincci energy will strengthen communication and connection with the relevant departments responsible for the construction of projects in south korea, accelerate the project's implementation, and make contribute to the sludge drying industry in south korea.


the hs dryer joint venture jointly established by shincci and hanmee is committed to creating an excellent brand of sludge treatment and disposal with "high energy efficiency, excellent service levels, and low operating costs." the sludge drying industry is getting bigger and stronger in south korea. wang jianguo said that in recent years, the achievements of sludge treatment and development in south korea are obvious to all, with huge development space and broad prospects. shincci is willing to work with hanmee to integrate project technical services and establish a rapid response system. from early consultation, design of drying reduction programs, survey of on site installation and commissioning, and operator training, a set of economical and reasonable systematic solutions. this cross national technology docking received strong support from the south korean environmental protection department, which provided strong support for the application and development of sludge low temperature drying technology in south korea, and was conducive to achieving a win-win for both parties.

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