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shincci’s sludge dryer ship to turkey
upload time:2019-10-21

  on september 26, 2019, guangzhou shincci energy equipment co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “shincci energy”) botang factory was very busy and lively. the two sets of sbwhd40000 low-temp waste heat dryer are loading to the container, which will be exported to turkey.


 because there are many machine need to be loaded, so the loading work lasts 3 days, from september 25 to 27, it was done intensely and orderly. the trucks waiting on the spot, the forklifts and cranes with responsible staff’s help, finishing the procedures of loading and delivery perfectly. in order to do well in the delivery, planning department carried out the quality inspection of the products before leaving the factory, and made strict requirements on the delivery precautions. at the same time as ensuring the delivery time of the products, the loading and unloading and transportation process safety issues were investigated before to ensure smooth delivery. the shincci energy sludge low-temperature dryer and other auxiliary equipment were fully loaded, and sent to port and then ship to istanbul turkey.

  the two sets of sbwhd40000 waste heat dryer have been successfully delivered. this is the result of shincci’s many years of technology r&d and active participation in global competition in manufacture of sludge low-temperature dryer. it is an important breakthrough for shincci energy equipment to go overseas. the successful completion of the equipment production and delivery of this equipment is a milestone in the history of shincci's overseas market history. it is also a milestone in low temperature sludge drying industry in china..

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