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shincci won excellence award for 2017 made-in-china product
upload time:2017-10-31

the prominent 2017 mei awards ceremony was held in guangzhou on october 18. the mei awards evaluation is a non-profit activity targeted at all chinese products with good quality, innovation and practicability, and has been successfully held for 6 years since 2011. and it has been paid more and more attention from governments, industries, enterprises, experts and scholars in the world who are contributing to the continuous improvement and promotion of made-in-china products, and it has been regarded as an annual big event in china manufacturing industry.

this 2017 activity attracted as many as 4309 pcs of products from 13 industries in china to attend, with 648 pcs of the products getting in the finalist and 53 pcs of them winning excellence award.

for its innovative technology for sludge drying which making sludge treatment much more efficiently and eco-friendly (twice that of the current industry standard), the low temperature sludge dryer made by shincci was honored to be one of the 53 pcs of excellence award.

overseas marketing director mr. samson zhang and market director mr.tan jixiang, represented shincci to attend this grand ceremony.

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